Western Ridge Clubhouse Reservation Request Form

Please submit this form to request the rental of the clubhouse. Your rental will be confirmed By submitting the form, you are requesting WROA to approve the rental request, and agree that:

  1. you are a WROA member if good standing;
  2. your information is full, true, and correct; and
  3. you will fully comply with both the clubhouse rental agreement and the clubhouse rules and regulations (see below).
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By submitting this form, the following applies: *
I have read and agree to the Clubhouse Rental Agreement.
I have read and will comply with the clubhouse rules and regulations.

Rental Agreement Summary 

  • Rental request not approved until WROA sends rental request confirm 
  • Renter must remain a member in good standing  
  • Renter is responsible for all guests 
  • Maximum occupancy is 50 people but only 10 people on second floor 
  • Renter given a key code in advance 
  • Renter must remain onsite at all times  
  • Renter must properly use the Facilities consistent with rules and applicable law 
  • Setup and take down must occur during rental period 
  • Renter may use kitchen utensils, serving items, coffee pot and cleaning supplies 
  • Renter may not use WROA paper plates, paper napkins, tablecloth, and decorations 
  • Rental does NOT include pool access. Renter must contact pool manager in advance if Renter wants guests to use pool. 
  • Renter must fully clean and complete all checklist tasks prior to end of rental period 
  • Renter will return clubhouse to the same condition existing prior to the rental period 
  • Renter is responsible for all damages to clubhouse 
  • Renter will indemnify WROA from all claims arising from rental  
  • Renter will maintain reasonable liability insurance coverage  
  • Renter will pay any damage within 30 days   
  • Clubhouse provided as-is  

See Clubhouse Rental Agreement [link] for full agreement details.