Utility work in Western Ridge

Information about the utility work occurring in Western Ridge

The Board has received a couple inquiries about the digging and utility work that started in Western Ridge a few days ago. For those who are not aware, Lumos Networks is in the process of installing fiber optic cable throughout our neighborhood, and many other neighborhoods in Crozet, so they can offer fiber internet service in our area. Contractors for Lumos started work at the front of the neighborhood; they are on Autumn Hill and Spring Cove Lane today, and are working their way toward the end of Lake Tree Lane, street by street. If you live further back in the neighborhood and haven't seen contractors on your street yet, you likely will in the coming days. You may have noticed orange flags in your yard, and/or markings made along your street - they are related to this work.

We thought it would be helpful to address the questions we're receiving in a broad communication, so everyone is informed.

Was the Board notified that this work would be happening? (Why weren't residents told about this work in advance?)
The Board was not given any advance notice that this work would be taking place. Utility companies, unfortunately, are not required to give residents or HOA boards notice when they come to install or work on utility lines and/or utility boxes, including work that involves digging, because of a utility easement on each property that grants them access to do such work. 

The grass in front of my house is being dug up - how will this be remedied?
Utility companies are required to put down seed and straw after disturbing any land, and that's about it - not entirely satisfactory, we know, since at times their post-work landscaping efforts are haphazard at best. If you are onsite when the work is being done and are able to talk to the contractors on your property, you are welcome to make it clear that you expect the area to be returned to as neat a condition as possible when the soil is replaced and seed and straw are put down.

The contractors damaged my driveway/mailbox/other property. How do I get this resolved? (Can the Board get involved?)
Unfortunately, the Board doesn't have authority to remedy issues caused by utility companies on individual lots. (Please note, grass being dug up is not considered damage, because the easements allow utility companies to dig as needed.) If your property is damaged during the installation, residents should reach out to Lumos directly.

Lumos has an office in Waynesboro, and their phone is (855) 465-8667. Their website is https://www.lumosfiber.com. There is a live chat option on their website, in addition to phone/email.

In case it is helpful, we noted that a Crozet resident recently posted direct contact information on the Nextdoor website for a Lumos salesperson who apparently manages our area - her name is Brandi Arnold, direct phone (336) 886-3600 x0069, and her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. While damage claims will not be her area of expertise, if you are not able to get the help you need through Lumos's general contact options, she may be able to help put you in touch with the right people to get damage claims resolved (as we speculate she may be especially incentivized to help get issues resolved, since Lumos wants to sign up new fiber internet customers in Western Ridge once their lines are active!). We would stress that you should contact Lumos via their main phone line or website as a first attempt at resolution.

When will fiber internet service be available?
Great question! We don't yet have an exact date. I live-chatted with a Lumos agent this morning to ask about that, and his response was, "...As of right now it is not giving me a date just yet. For the Crozet area, I know we are hoping to have fiber available by either the end of this year or early in 2023."