Board of Directors

Western Ridge Homeowners Association is the organization responsible for managing the community’s affairs. Each homeowner is automatically a member of the HOA. The HOA affairs are managed by a volunteer board of directors and a series of committees. The board members are elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting, held each January. Homeowners are notified by mail and email of the annual meeting.

Board Members

Terry Reifsteck – President
Bryan Lewis – Treasurer
Bryan Garey – Secretary
Mike Brown/Eric Meier – ARB
Lee Gale – Clubhouse & Pool
Bryan Bousquet – Social Chair
Mike Marshall – Fitness Center
Terry Reifsteck – Grounds & Trails
Sue Wenzel – Special Projects



Social Committee - (Bryan Bousquet)
Responsible for various neighborhood social functions, including set up and clean up.

Welcome Committee (Open)
Responsible for welcoming new neighbors into the community which includes welcome packet and keys to fitness facility.

Grounds Committee (Terry Reifsteck)
Responsible for managing common area grounds care including landscaping.

Clubhouse Reservations (Wendi Foster)
Responsible for managing usage of the clubhouse including private party reservations.

Recreation Committee - (Open)
Responsible for management and potential upgrades to the community recreation facilities.

Architectural Review Board – (Mike Brown/Eric Meier)
Responsible for reviewing all landscaping, structures, improvements and/or additions or modifications.

Initiatives & Plans

The majority of large-scale neighborhood projects are governed by the Reserve Study.